May 26, 2024
”What Every Man Wants – Building a Healthy Life in God
Suzanne Lair

Suzanne Lair shares valuable insights in our series ‘Building a Healthy Life in God‘. Explore the vital needs of men and learn how to build a strong, God-centered relationship. Don’t miss out – start your journey to a thriving marriage today!


May 19, 2024
”What Every Woman Needs
Pastor Jonathan Lair

This week, we’re continuing our series on “Building a Healthy Life in God,” focusing on the practicalities of relationships. Today, we’re exploring the needs of women, understanding their desire for security, affection, open communication, and servant leadership from their husbands. Let’s dive in and learn how to nurture flourishing marriages together.

May 12, 2024
”Leading Our Kids on Adventure with God
Suzanne Lair

Happy Mother’s Day! Amidst the daily barrage of doubts and decisions, here’s a reminder: you’re doing a great job. Today, let’s celebrate the adventure of motherhood and our role in leading our kids on a journey with God. Suzanne Lair is here to share her insights, so join us as we celebrate the joys of motherhood. You’re not alone in this journey, and your efforts truly matter. Happy Mother’s Day!

May 05, 2024
”Beyond Happily Ever After: Embracing Conflict in Marriage
Building a Healthy Life in God

Pastor Jonathan Lair

Today, we dive into marriage, emphasizing its divine purpose of oneness rather than just happiness. Through personal anecdotes and biblical insights, we explore conflict resolution in relationships, promoting truth, love, and humility. Join us as we navigate practical steps to foster intimacy and spiritual growth in our relationships. Tune in for guidance on integrating truth and love in communication, cultivating humility, and proactive conflict resolution. Let’s build stronger, more fulfilling relationships together in alignment with God’s design.

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